Essemtec FOX - Smart-Sized Modular Pick-and-Place
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Essemtec FOX - Smart-Sized Modular Pick-and-Place


The Fox Pack - State of the art technology. Expandable in any direction. The Fox can drive up to 200 feeder, illustrating its dedication to high-mix production. Due to its small footprint and reasonable weight, the machine is ideal for use in limited space production areas even those located on upper floors.


Essemtec - Fox2 - Compact Automatic Pick-and-Place from Essemtec AG on Vimeo.

Essemtec - Fox1 - Compact Automatic Pick-and-Place System from Essemtec AG on Vimeo.

  • combined process

    Placing & dispensing in single pass-through
    Jet dispensing of solder paste or glue

  • productivity

    Up to 7‘000 – 18‘800 cph per module
    Up to 49’600 cph per line (3 modules)

  • small footprint

    Up to 200 feeder lanes on 1 sqm
    Up to 420 feeder lanes per line

  • mineral cast

    No vibration, symmetrical mineral casting
    No warpage, no thermal drift

  • quick changeover

    Nonstop production, intelligent smart feeder
    Nonstop feeder and production changeover

  • linear motors

    Fast, reliable double drive linear motors
    No maintenance, longest lifetime

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