Koh-Young Zenith 3D AOI

A new family of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, is incorporating a revolutionary new 3D approach. The new Zenith system is based on technology which ‘breaks the 2D’ AOI inspection barrier by incorporating the ability to, in addition to full conventional 2D capability, sense and measure Z-axis of whole assembled PCB.

Koh Young 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) Models
Koh-Young Zenith LiTE 3D AOI

Key Features

Wide Range of Measurement. Uses patented 4-way projection technology and multi-frequency height measurement, LiTE provides a wide range of measurement while maintaining high resolution.
Warp Compensation. Compensates FPCB warp in realtime using the KSMART Warp; teaches bare board prior to inspection.

Koh-Young 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) Models
Koh-Young  Bench Top Model 3020T

KY-3020T system is a semi-automatic table top version of a 3D SPI system based on Koh Young’s leading-edge technology Delivering the same measurement performance as Koh Young’s in-line SPI systems, the KY-3020T system is capable of 100% 3D inspection of all pads and is best suitable for

Koh-Young In-Line Model 8030-2

All kinds of defects from screen printing process can be detected through 3D inspection, which include not only Insufficient paste, excessive paste, shape deformity based on 3D volume and shape measurements, but also cases of no paste, bridging and placement errors with 2D characteristics.

Koh-Young In-Line Model 8030-3
  • Superb Performance and Value in Automated 3D SPI. Based on High-Performance System, KY-8030 Series, Small Footprint for Efficient Line Integration, Lowest Cost of Ownership.
  • True patented 3D volume measurement
  • No false calls – no escapes – no shadow problems
  • Highest accuracy and repeatability
  • No color sensitivity.
Koh-Young In-Line Model aSPIre

Koh Young Technology’s new product aSPIre 3D In-line Solder Paste Inspection System adds more value to your production. Keeping with high speed SMT lines, aSPIre system helps maximizing productivity and ensures no compromise is made between speed and accurate 100% 3D measurement capability as well as unrivalled measurement.

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