Intelligent SMD storage system SMT Innovation

Achieved automation of storage and refill management for surface mounter components can now monitor a max. of 1,500 reels and load and unload a max. of 33 reels in one batch.

Vastly boosts efficiency by cutting down on the time and trouble for components supply

Marantz PCB Depanelling system

dPM3400 can divide a PCB without cutting stress using a diamond disc that rotates at a high speed. Not to speak of its dividing ability, dPM3400 performs precise and safe teaching to put a hypothetical cutter on an actual PCB that is projected on the PC screen and realizes stable and accurate cutting by PCB marker recognition.

MPL 3100/3200 CSP, BGA & QFP Placment System

Manual/semiautomatic placer specialized for CSP, BGA and QFP placement. Vision with split optic enables picture overlay of board and component for easy alignment. Motorized axis for automatic placement.

Prototyping, small batch, rework
Image overlay alignment system
Precies fine pitch placement
BGA and Micro-BGA placement

Spare Parts
Machines & Systems Spare Parts

D.K.R. supply spare parts directly from our local computerize stock or directly from our partners stock. Our direct connection & communication with our partners around the globe allow us to know on line the stock level of various parts, direct ordering and emergency delivery.

Tape Feeders
Philips Assembleon FI feeder for the MC platform

New generation feeding.

The introduction of the MC-12 also brings with it a new feeding platform. The MC-12 is a result of changing demands from manufacturing:
25% more feeding on a 25% smaller machine length.
Guaranteed pick and output performance .

Philips Assembleon ITF Feeders

Our Tape feedrs include:

8-72mm inteligent tape feeders.
8mm double tape feeders.
Special size available on request.
New Feeders.
Refurbishead feeders.
Used Feeders.

Philips Assembleon X & M Series Nozzles

DKR supply from stock all necessary Nozzles for all machines models

such as Emerald, Topaz, Comet, Emerald X, Emerald XII, Topaz X,
Topaz XII, Opal XII and all MG Series

Philips Assembleon A Series Nozzles

DKR supply from stock all necessary Nozzles for all Assembleon models

such as FCM, AQ, AX-201, AX-301 and AX-501.

Philips Assembleon Special Nozzles

The special nozzles include:

Odd Shape Componenets.
SMT Led nozzles.
Special Connectors Handling.
Grippers for TH componenets.
Other solution available.

For any inquiry, please contact us