SMT Assembly Solutions


SMT Assembly Systems YSM Series
Yamaha YSM40

SMT Assembly Systems YSM Series

Over 100,000CPH high-density modular With 4-beam, 4-head layout on a compact platform.
Achieving industry's top levels of mounting speed and more

Yamaha YSM20

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. released its new high-efficiency modular surface mounter, the Z:LEX YSM20. This new surface mounter achieving the world's faster

SMT Assembly Systems YS Series
Yamaha YS24

72,000CPH (0.05sec/CHIP)

Excellent mounting capability
Newly developed "Dual Stage Conveyor". 34 kCPH/m2
Area-productivity, No.1* in the world!.

Yamaha YS24X
  • 54,000CPH (0.067sec/CHIP)
    The top mounting capability in multi-purpose mounters
  • sATSⅡ
    Automatic Tray Supply Unit applicable
  • L700 x W460mm
    Super large PCB applicable
  • YAMAHA Dual Lane System applicable
  • 0402 to 45 x 100mm
    Components applicable
  • H15mm Height applicable
    Yamaha YS12

    Making the most of limited foot-print!

    This compact platform design (front view breadth 1,254mm) assure flexible line arrangement in your site

    Yamaha YS12F

    Handling capacity for mounting 20,000CPH. High flexibility for components: 01005 to 45*×100mm components, the height up to15*mm, including ball type

    SMT Printers
    Yamaha YSP Printer

    11 sec/cycle* Line-tact High-speed printing capability

    *L180 x W130mm PCB/ Squeegee speed 100mm/sec
    Repeatability of positioning.

    Yamaha YCP10 Printer

    Yamaha Motor Releases New High-Performance Compact Printer - YCP10.

    Printing quality similar to flagship models, compatible with large circuit boards

    Yamaha YSP20 Printer

    Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed the new YSP20 D×D Printer, a solder-paste (cream solder) printer that adopts dual-stage, dual-stencil printing

    Yamaha YSi-X

    3D X-ray solder test inspection.

    Laminography Technology. C.L.=Laminography
    Reproduce only inspection target
    using X-ray shots less than 10.

    Yamaha YSi-V

    The new YSi-V model has been developed as a high-end model of the high-speed, high-precision, in-line type "YSi-12" AOI system equipped with optical, infrared and laser inspection functions and the same highly rigid frame as Yamaha surface mounters.

    SMT Dispenser
    Yamaha YSD

    High-speed, High-accuracy and Stable Dispensing for High-density Mounting.

    Non-contact Dispensing and Line Dispensing, Support for Wide Range Applica

    Assembly Solution
    Yamaha YC8
    Yamaha YSC1
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