SMT Assembly Solutions


SMT Assembly Systems YSM Series
Yamaha YSM40R

SMT Assembly Systems YSM Series

  • Achieves revolutionary productivity of 200,000 CPH* giving it the world’s fastest speed on a compact platform
  • Highest productivity in the world!
  • Flexible response for different production configurations!
  • High tech to support high mounting quality & a high machine operating rate
Yamaha YRM20
  • Fusion with Σ technology achieves overwhelming productivity
  • Broad-ranging production capacity thanks to the 1-head solution
  • Standard features that maintain component mounting quality at a peak level!
  • Ensures high-efficiency production with a full range of functions!
Yamaha YSM20R

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. released its new high-efficiency modular surface mounter, the Z:LEX YSM20. This new surface mounter achieving the world's faster

  • World’s fastest mounting speed in its class; 5% faster than the YSM20.
    Featuring a new wide-scan camera with improved component adaptability.
  • Optional features improving line operating rate without stopping the machine

  • Newly-developed Auto Loading Feeder (ALF) that revolutionizes feeding tape components by eliminating reliance on user skill
  • sATS30NS Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for nonstop tray replacement
  • Nonstop feeder carriage exchange system
Yamaha YSM10
  • 46,000CPH World Leading*1-Beam/1-Head Class, Entry Model Surface Mounter
  • Speed increases of 25% or more on conventional models and achieving the world's fastest* mounting capacity
    HM head adopted with new scan camera for broader range of component size compatibility
  • Scalability for flexibly adjust to production site requirements
  • Enhanced functionality to provide for table production
World’s fastest surface mounter in the 1-Beam, 1-Head Class in comparison of mounting capacity (CPH) under optimal conditions. January 10, 2017, Yamaha Motor data.
Yamaha YSP 10
  • Cycle time on the world’s fastest level!
  • Supports fully-automatic stencil replacement
  • Delivers both high quality & super-accurate printing!
  • Supports extra-large boards & large-size stencils
Yamaha YSP Printer

11 sec/cycle* Line-tact High-speed printing capability

*L180 x W130mm PCB/ Squeegee speed 100mm/sec
Repeatability of positioning.

Yamaha YCP10 Printer

Yamaha Motor Releases New High-Performance Compact Printer - YCP10.

Printing quality similar to flagship models, compatible with large circuit boards

Yamaha YSP20 Printer

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed the new YSP20 D×D Printer, a solder-paste (cream solder) printer that adopts dual-stage, dual-stencil printing

Yamaha YSi-X

3D X-ray solder test inspection.

Laminography Technology. C.L.=Laminography
Reproduce only inspection target
using X-ray shots less than 10.

Yamaha YSi-V

The new YSi-V model has been developed as a high-end model of the high-speed, high-precision, in-line type "YSi-12" AOI system equipped with optical, infrared and laser inspection functions and the same highly rigid frame as Yamaha surface mounters.

Yamaha YSi-SP
  • “1-head solution” to perform various inspections with a single head
  • Achieves high-accuracy high-speed inspections using 3D+2D inspection, image resolution switch-over and more
  • A thorough and extensive machine-to-machine (M2M) solution
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) for diverse statistical processing
  • Optional features to enable handling various products
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