Temperature indicators


Today TMC Hallcrest produces an array of products for the temperature measurement market, used in many industries throughout the world.

Thermax is TMC's successful irreversible range of temperature indicators, comprising, Labels, Strips, Indicators, Paints and Crayons. Available over a range of -17C to +1270C, a Thermax indicator exists for every application. Irreversibility provides the benefit of permanently recording whether an indicator has ever been exposed to temperatures in excesss of its limit and in doing so, supplying a tamperproof display of reassurance.

Thermochromic Liquid Crystal can offer the solution to all reversible temperature measurement requirements. Producing Labels, Indicators and Sheets over a range of -30C to 100C, these products provide a constant and reliable picture of temperature status.

Chromazone is a microencapsulated, thermochromic, transparent pigment that goes from colour to colourless as the temperature rises. These pigments can be mixed into a wide variety of printing Inks, Coatings, Injection Moulding masterbatch and more for an unlimited number of applications.

Temperature Labels
TMC Irreversible temperature indicators

A range of Irreversible temperature indicators that change colour permanently when exposed to temperatures above their rating.

TMC Reversible temperature indicators

extensive range of Reversible temperature labels that provide an instant response.

Paints and Crayons
TMC Paints

Single Change and Multi-Change Thermal Paints. Temperature range 80 to 1270C.

TMC Crayons

Easy to Use, Non-Toxic, Accurate Colotemp Crayons. Temperature Range 120°C to 600°C.

Inks and Pigments
TMC Inks

ThermoStar Temperature Sensitive Inks

TMC Pigments

ChromaZone Powder and Dispersion

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