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TruView™ Prime
Creative Electron TruView™ Prime

The Most Powerful Benchtop X-ray Inspection System. The TruView™ Prime was designed to be easy to use. Utilizing the principles of "plug-and-play", the TruView™ Prime can be installed and ran with minimal training. Unlike the other members of the TruView™ family, the TruView™ Prime is not automated and can be Supplied w. 80-90KV

Creative Electron TruView™ 100/200/AXI

TruView™ 100/200/AXI

The TruView™ was designed to meet the needs of the modern high mix/low volume electronic manufacturing company. The TruView™ is a powerful inline & offline x-ray system when you need it to be. It’s automated, fast, and precise. But unlike other systems, it’s easy to program and use.

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