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Wet & Dry Cleaning system


3S Printing Head


Frame stencil mounting

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Yamaha YSP

High-Speed High-Precision Universal High-End Printer

11sec/PCB (including Transfer time)
Printing Accuracy3σ:±0.025mmPositioning repeatability3σ:±0.005mm
※Possible to be customized for L610mmBoard
3S Squeegee(Swing Single Squeegee
0402 mm(01005 inch) chip-0.3mm lead-pitch QFP
PSC (Print Stability)

Yamaha YSP Printer

11 sec/cycle* Line-tact High-speed printing capability

*L180 x W130mm PCB/ Squeegee speed 100mm/sec
Repeatability of positioning.

Yamaha YSP20 Printer

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed the new YSP20 D×D Printer, a solder-paste (cream solder) printer that adopts dual-stage, dual-stencil printing

Yamaha YCP10 Printer

Yamaha Motor Releases New High-Performance Compact Printer - YCP10.

Printing quality similar to flagship models, compatible with large circuit boards

Yamaha YSP 10
  • Cycle time on the world’s fastest level!
  • Supports fully-automatic stencil replacement
  • Delivers both high quality & super-accurate printing!
  • Supports extra-large boards & large-size stencils
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