AOI Systems



The ultimate AOI solution for first article & small batches Inspection
AOI Systems ScanSpection

ScanSpection - the revolutionary scanner system, for the inspection of low to medium volume PCB Assemblies were programming is not required. The system compares between a known good (Gold) board and a sample board. The systems are available as a low cost top loader and a competitively priced drawer loading version.

AOI Systems FA Inspector

First Article Inspection -The FA-Inspector is a scanner-based optical inspection system used to automate first article inspections and subsequent production inspection tasks without programming. The FA-Inspector has two primary modes of operation: Comparator & AOI Mode. Both AOI & Comparator Modes generate comprehensive repo

AOI Systems ScanSpection IL

Automated Optical Inspection - The economic realities of quality control, rework cost & need for customer confidence make Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) a necessity in Circuit Board manufacturing environments AOI can take a number of roles on the PCB production line. There are a number of “captive” applications such as:

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