APT Automation (Former Systemation) Tape & Reel Models
APT TP-155/156 Tape Peel Strength Analyzer

TP-155/6 TAPE PEEL STRENGTH ANALYZER is a lab-quality tool for measuring the force required to separate cover tape from carrier tape & supply test result data logging/storing for future reference. Heavy gage materials and high-quality electronics enable this lab-quality instrument to hold-up well in a rugged process environment.

APT MT-35 Manual Tape & Reel system

MT- 35 MANUAL TAPING SYSTEM This very lightweight - low maintenance system is designed for low to mid-volume manual taping of devices.Flexibility, reliability and versatility to the extreme, the MT-50 is a full featured SMD taping system. The system can accommodate almost any carrier tape size and virtually all SMD forms.

APT RC-35 The SMD component counter

The new RC-35 SMD component counter, the ultimate tool for error-free component counting. Bi-directional counting reverses the count when the tape direction is reversed. A preset count target may be set on the control panel, and an audible beep tells the operator when the count is reached. Empty pockets are automatically sensed.

APT SR-20 Repair Station

The SR-20 Repair Station is a compact, manually operated bench top unit that allows users to repair de-laminated and poorly sealed areas on a finished reel of tape.

•Repair de-laminated spots in the tape.
•Lift the cover tape to correct mis-oriented/ missingcomponents,
and re-seal the tape.
•Utilize as a convenient inspection

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