CALTEX Scientific
Caltex VZM-40 Vision Inspection System

Low Cost Video Inspection System: video macro zoom inspection system with exceptional image quality that meets your budget. When you need ergonomic inspection, good image quality, capture pictures to computer, group viewing, a flexible system that you can expand in the future, VZM-40 is the perfect solution for your needs

Caltex LX-100 Low cost Video Microscpe

LX-100 series video microscopes incorporate vision camera, zoom lens and 8" LCD screen into an ergonomic vision inspection

system that is easy on the eyes and pocket book. With a simple push by finger, one can view PCB with 35° oblique viewer; with
another push, one can view straight with long working distance for rework.

Caltex RX-100 3D Video Micrsoscope

RX-100 series 3D Digital Microscope offers advanced optics for 3-D 360° rotational view at 10.4" LCD screen. This ergonomic vision inspection is both easy on the eyes and pocket book. The rotary head offers precision optic for 3D view and LONG WORKING distance straight down view with quick change-over.

Caltex CX-3000-3D Digital Microscpe

Advanced optic design, precision machining, and latest SONY mega pixel digital camera sensor of CX-3000 provide vivid 3D live images which surpass optical microscope in image quality and functions. Perfect for detailed inspection of SMT solder joint, medical, machining & materials, the system is capable of measurement & more

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