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TruView™ Prime
Creative Electron TruView™ Prime

The TruView™ Prime is proof that power comes in many sizes. By far the most versatile and powerful benchtop X-ray unit on the market today, the TruView™ Prime was designed to be easy to use.

Available in 3 standard configurations, the TruView™ Prime A is our base platform capable of incredible image quality with minimal training requirements. The TruView™ Prime A is as “plug-and-play” as it gets. The TruView™ Prime R2R is our reel-to-reel configuration designed to look for counterfeit components. It’s fast and accurate. The TruView™ Prime S gives you a large field of view in a small benchtop cabinet, allowing high-quality inspection of large samples in a small package – ideal for users with limited workspaces.

Creative Electron TruView™ Cube

The TruView™ Cube X-ray Inspection System – sized at 16″x16″x30″ – is ideal for applications where workspace is limited. Easy to use and install, it is the most versatile and portable system on the market today.

Since we develop all our hardware and software in house, the TruView™ Cube has been customized for a wide range of applications. For example, we’ve installed a conveyor belt on it to run samples thru the machine, we’ve added a robot to move samples in and out of the machine, and we’ve added artificial intelligence to automatically determine if a sample was good or bad. We can also install a large flat panel on the TruView™ Cube to inspect seeds or count bare die (inside waffle pack tray).

The TruView™ Cube comes in two different standard configurations: TruView™ Cube A and TruView™ Cube S.

Creative Electron TruView™ Fusion

The TruView™ Fusion X-ray Inspection System is the most versatile X-ray machine in the market today. Capable of inspecting samples up to 20″x20″ (or 20″x48″), the TruView™ Fusion can be powered with X-ray sources from 80kV to 300kV. When powered with a transmissive X-ray source, the TruView™ Fusion can achieve magnifications up to 2,000X.

The TruView™ Fusion comes in four standard configurations: TruView™ Fusion A for automated or manual inspections, the TruView™ Fusion LED for large format LED panels (20″x48″), the TruView™ Fusion AXI for inline applications and automated identification of defects, and the TruView™ Fusion CT for your 3D X-ray (computed tomography) needs.

With a wide range of applications it’s time for you to learn how powerful this machine can be at your facility.

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