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KHJ SMT double splice tape

1.The most economical splicing solution.

2.Being joined without special tool.
3.Increasing efficiency.

KHJ SMT Single Splice Tape

1.Both for Paper & Plastic carrier tape, it proved to be effective.

2.Economical splicing solution.

KHJ Cutting tools

1. Imported scissor.

2. Equipped placement tool.
3. Cutting carrier tape accurately.
4. Increasing joining reliability.

KHJ SMT splice tool

1. easy operation.

2. high accuracy & reliability.

KHJ Connecting tools - clip & splice tape

1.Innovative design: A Clip and a Single Splice Tape in one strip.

2.Easy to use, Labor-saving.
3.Accurate and reliable connection.
4.Simplify the management of all kinds of splice materials.

KHJ SMT connecting clips

The shim includes holes to allow the material to go through the sprocket wheel of tape feeder.

Secures the carrier tape.
Can be used with any width tape.

KHJ SMT splice box

Easy management of all kinds of splice material and tool.

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