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Meiji SMT Inspection

Meiji Techno Stereo Microscopes have earned a well deserved reputation for excellent optics, rugged dependability, versatility and economy that no other manufacturer can match. Our circuit board inspection equipment is used in hundreds of electronics manufacturing facilities across the United States and the world.

Meiji EMZ Zoom Stereo Microscopes

The body is the heart of our modular zoom stereo microscope design. It contains the objectives and prisms that capture the image of the specimen, magnify it, and direct it to the eyetubes. The body by itself cannot be used to view an object; it also needs eyepieces that further magnify the image and allow the viewer to see.

Meiji EMZ-12

Zoom stereo microscope bodies are the most flexible because they offer a wider range of magnification than turret (EMT) or fixed (EMF) bodies. Much like the zoom lens on a camera, zoom objectives increase and decrease magnification progressively, causing the specimen to grow or shrink smoothly in the eyes of the viewer.

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