Nutek Linking Conveyor

The linking conveyor is suitable for all inline operations. It guarantees a smooth PCB transfer between process equipment in a PCB assembly line

Nutek Inspection Conveyor

The inspection conveyor is used when frequent visual inspection of PCB’s is required in the PCB assembly line.

Nutek InLine Workstation

Inline workstation 1000-1500-2000mm

Nutek SolderWave Outfeed Conveyor

The solder outfeed conveyor guarantees a smooth transfer of PCB's from the wave soldering machine output to the downstream machine. The PCB’s are transported by a metal pin chain conveyor.

Loaders & Unloader
Nutek Single magazine Loaders/Unloaders

For automatic loading of high mix, low volume production line, one magazine capacity.

Nutek Multi magazine Loaders/Unloaders

For automatic loading of high volume production line, five magazines capacity.

Nutek Advanced platform Loaders/Unloaders

Is the choice for handling substrates, lead-frames, carriers, or similair products. The systems use a pneumatic pusher and intergrated pull- or push-conveyor for automatic loading / unloading of the line.

Nutek FIFO/LIFO Buffers

The FIFO buffer is designed to buffer PCB’s in-line. Due to the shock free operation the buffer can also be used for un-soldered PCB’s.

Traffic controller
Nutek Manual Gate

The manual gate is a cost-effective solution allowing the operator access to the rear of the PCB assembly line.

Nutek Telescopic Gate Conveyor

The telescopic conveyor is designed for creating a passage in the PCB assembly line to give the operator access to the rear of the production equipment. The conveyor returns to its retracted home position as the board is delivered.

Nutek Turn Conveyor I, L, T, X - type

The turn conveyor T-type is used in PCB assembly lines when boards are separated from one line into two lines or from two lines into one. The PCB turned either 90º or 270° before transferred downstream machine.

Nutek Inverter

The inverter uses two belts to hold the PCB while it flips it gently upside down creating the possibility to process the PCB at both sides without manual handling.

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