Yamaha YSi-X

3D X-ray solder test inspection.

Laminography Technology. C.L.=Laminography
Reproduce only inspection target
using X-ray shots less than 10.

Yamaha YSi-V

The new YSi-V model has been developed as a high-end model of the high-speed, high-precision, in-line type "YSi-12" AOI system equipped with optical, infrared and laser inspection functions and the same highly rigid frame as Yamaha surface mounters.

Yamaha YSD

Introducing the new YSD dispensing system

Building on the success of its total line solutions based on YS-series mounters, the YSP printer and inspection systems, Yamaha will introduce the next level of integration with its new YSD high-speed dispenser.
The Yamaha dispensing systems, already Japans No. 1 dispensing solution,

Yamaha YSP printer
Yamaha YSP

High-Speed High-Precision Universal High-End Printer

11sec/PCB (including Transfer time)
Printing Accuracy3σ:±0.025mmPositioning repeatability3σ:±0.005mm
※Possible to be customized for L610mmBoard
3S Squeegee(Swing Single Squeegee
0402 mm(01005 inch) chip-0.3mm lead-pitch QFP
PSC (Print Stability)

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