LIZARD - Reliable Full Convection Reflow Ovens
Essemtec RO300FC

Full Convection 4 zone Reflow Oven,

Small but powerful reflow oven. 300 mm process width. Convection Sophisticated zone separation between zones enables profiles that are normally possible only on larger and much more expensive systems. Small footprint 2.0x0.7 m.

Essemtec RO400FC

LIZARD - Reliable Full Convection Reflow Ovens

Full Convection 5 zone Reflow Oven

Versatile reflow oven for medium volume soldering (leadfree or leaded solder). 400 mm process width. Integrated microprocessor for profile control and storage. Extra high air volume for perfect soldering of complex boards.

FOX - Smart-Sized Modular Pick-and-Place
essemtec SP150SV Plus Standalone Semiautomatic Printer

The SP150 is an affordable fine pitch printer available with or without vision alignment. It's frontside shuttle makes it easy to load and unload PCB.

essemtec Cobra - modular automatic inline pick-and-place system

Cobra is the worlds' most modern pick-and-place system. It is built based on the most reliable drives, the most advanced control systems and more

essemtec ZONDA - 7 to 13 zones, freely configurable reflow oven

Zonda is a modular full convection oven for high volume soldering and curing. Number and type of zones is freely configurable to requirements.

essemtec Paradoble - Fast and accurate placer and dispenser

The Paradoble offers unmatched changeover times, the highest number of feeder slots per square meter in the market, intelligent kitting without stop

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