Cencorp Automation



1500 OF

ur new odd-form placement platform ensuring maximum feeder capacity and performance.Compatible with existing Cencorp/PMJ feederinterface.

1300 SR

Off-line top router equipped with rotary table, sliding table or dual boxes

1000 OF EVO

An upgrade version of the popular Cencorp 1000 OF is now available.

We have decided to upgrade the control system and user interface to meet the latest demands set by our customers.

850 OF

The completely new Cencorp 850 OF is now available.

Designed to renove manual labor from mass production lines with through hole component placement, this machine brings you excellent return of investment.


Odd-form components can be supplied in many different types of packing, which makes it more difficult to automate their placement.

1300 FA

The Cencorp 1300 FA cell is a heavy duty production platform with standard operating software and graphical user interface. This flexible platform can easily be configured for a wide range of light assembly and part handling applications in both high volume - low mix and in low volume - high mix environments.

1000 BR EVO

Our 4th generation depanelling bottom router Cencorp 1000 BR, chosen by world-class manufacturers for its reliability and quality has now been upgraded to 1000 BR Evolution.

1300 BR

Cencorp 1300 BR provides best flexibility and efficiency in the PCB separating process.

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