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Yamaha YSM20


Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. released its new high-efficiency modular surface mounter, the Z:LEX YSM20. This new surface mounter achieving the world's faster

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. released its new high-efficiency modular surface mounter, the Z:LEX YSM20. This new surface mounter*1 has the versatility to cater to different production processes required for a wide variety of products, whilst achieving the world's fastest mounting speed in its class (under optimum conditions)*2 at 90,000 CPH.*3 The Z:LEX YSM20 combines features found in four of our current models - the 2-beam, 2-head compact super-high-speed modular mounter YS24 and compact high-speed flexible modular mounter YS24X; the single-head, single-beam high-speed general-purpose modular mounter YS100; and the multi-functional wide-range modular mounter YS88. With the concept "1 head solution" - which enables compatibility with a wide range of components, from small chips and large components, with one type of head - the new model achieves excellent production efficiency by providing not only high productivity, but also compatibility with a multitude of components. The new model also allows production changeovers to be carried out with ease. In addition to the universal platform (with 2-beam or single-beam options available for the X-axis configuration), the Z:LEX YSM20 allows customers to select a variety of specifications - such as the head, tape feeder,*4 conveyor system, and tray supply unit - to enable mounting line configurations optimized for the customers' production processes.

The new model was named "Z:LEX", as the letter "Z" evokes a sense of ultimateness, and "Limitless EXpansion" captures the new model's limitless compatibility.
To mark the release of our new mounter, the Z:LEX YSM20 will be exhibited at the 16th JISSO PROTEC Show to be held in the Tokyo Big Sight (Koto Ward, Tokyo) on June 4-6.

*1: Surface mounter (surface mount technology (SMT) machine): Manufacturing machine for mounting various electric/electronic components on the printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in electrical appliances and electronic devices.
*2: Components mounting speed (CPH) for a surface mounter with the 2-beam, 2-head layout. Based on YMC survey as at May 2014.
*3 CPH (Chips Per Hour): Total number of chips that can be mounted per hour (unit time). Indicates processing capability under various conditions.
*4: Tape feeder: Device that supplies chips (electronic components) to the surface mounter that are packaged on a tape.

Equipment Name Z:LEX (YSM20)
Compatible Circuit
Board Dimensions
Dual Stage (for X-axis 2-beam option only)
Single PCB: L810xW480mm to L50xW50mm
Double PCB: L380xW480mm to L50xW50mm
Single Lane: L810xW480mm to L50xW50mm
Dual Lane: L810xW230mm to L50xW50mm
Head types/Applicable
High-Speed Multi (HM) head: 03015 to 45x45mm, L100mm, height 15mm or less Flexible Multi (FM) head: 03015 to 55x55mm, L100mm, height 28mm or less
Mounting Capability X-axis 2-beam: 90,000CPH
(under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor), when HM heads are used
Mounting Accuracy ±0.035mm (±0.025mm) Cpk≥1.0 (3σ)(Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor when standard evaluation materials are used)
Number of Component Types Number of Component Types Fixed plate: Max. 140 types (8mm tape feeder conversion) Feeder exchange carriage: Max. 128 types (8mm tape feeder conversion) Tray: 30 types (fixed type), 10 types (carriage type); up to 2 units can be installed
Power Supply 3-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10% 50/60Hz
Air Supply Clean dry air of 0.45MPa or more
Exterior Dimensions
(excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1,800kg